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My keynote on “beekeeping and technology” at PLCnext Technology Community Summit

Beekeeping is a fantastic hobby, which I have been doing for over 8 years.

I never thought I would get to combine the technical world of sensors and automation in one talk from a beekeeper’s perspective. But it gave me great pleasure to give my keynote on beekeeping and technology at PLCnext Technology Community Summit. With my contribution to this summit I was able to give more insights about the complexity of beekeeping and the amount of possible approaches for modern automation technologies in this area. I was super excited to share my enthusiasm for beekeeping with you and give lots of ideas about automation and sensors in beehives.

As part of my Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems which is already some years ago, I was privileged to develop a project of my choosing in the Internet of Things course. Since I was beekeeping at the time, I took a Raspberry Pi and started monitoring my beehives with it. This project got published open source under the name HoneyPi and helps beekeepers to monitor their hives until today.

The protection of our bees is so important for our environment and the potential for automation and the support with help of sensors is so BIG.

Learn more about it here: 🐝

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