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Recap of SecTor Security conference

During my time in Toronto, it was not just about security of LLMs but also a lot about reunion and meeting fantastic people, one story I definitely wanted to share with you:

Four years ago, in my previous role at EXXETA in Stuttgart I was mentoring Fabian, an enthusiastic working student. Since then, it’s almost as if fate keeps bringing our paths together.

When I was presenting my master’s thesis project at OWASP AppSec in San Francisco and learned Fabian was studying in nearby San Diego, I reached out. In no time, he took a $50 flight to reconnect and cheering on me at the conference. But also at another time, during a visit to London, I dropped him a message while he was studying at UCL. We couldn’t pass up the chance for another reunion.

Then came the SecTor conference in Toronto this month. With a free student ticket on hand, who else to share it with but Fabian? We had yet another great catch-up.

Fabian truly knows how to embrace student life, I hope one day he finally decides to graduate 😉 Our recurring run-ins are a testament to the lasting bonds we form in our careers. Who knows wherever our paths might cross next!

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